Thirty Second Letter to the Filipinos


A reader of the Thirty First Letter to the Filipinos sent me the following personal message:

“I sense you are really struggling with the sexual abuse and satanic sacrifices of children that you have become painfully aware of. Keep in mind that such behavior has existed for centuries though probably not as a high level. We need to convince people to pray for the exposure and arrest of these evil people now!”

Yes, the reader was true. I wrote the previous letter primarily to prepare you to read the current letter about Child Sex Trafficking and Porn.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article Child Sex Trafficking and Porn.

“Investigators say the Canadian mother was working with MacMahon as part of an international pedophile ring that was trafficking children between the US and Canada to be sold into VIP sex slavery and child porn.”

The acronym VIP ironically denotes “Very Important People”. I thought that slavery had been abolished in The Land of The Free and the Home of The Brave … some of the sex slaves are murdered, their bodies are mutilated in satanic cults and the cult participants drink the blood of the children to give praise, honor and glory to Satan ― The Greatest Loser Humanity Has Known ― the chief fallen angel who has been seeking human damnation throughout the ages. Some satanic rituals practice abortion to praise. I had written the article Cruelty in America covering the heinous sin of abortion.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article Cruelty in America.

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