Corruption in America






The video comprises prophecies about corruption in America and its eradication.  However, stop Doom and Gloom of mainstream media is a secondary theme that resonated with me.

When I wrote about the New World Order, Christ advised me through a stigmatic seer to quit Doom and Gloom and write about the salvation of souls. Then I consulted the Holy Spirit and he ordered me to write the Gospel Package, and  I presented Mark’s Gospel with video illustrations and personal commentary.  The same stigmatic seer had previously informed me that the Holy Spirit would recruit me as a Messenger for the End Times.

Mainstream media is controlled by secretive societies which serve The Antichrist and Satan and have designed the New World Order.  The Antichrist will come from Egypt and he’s already travelling on Earth.  The sole purpose of both fallen angels, the Antichrist and Satan, is to maximize the eternal damnation of souls.

I strive to avoid Doom and Gloom and write the about the salvation of souls.  The Holy Spirit asked me to write to The Philippines, a nation chosen for a supreme spiritual role in The End Times.  Click on the following two links to retrieve first the Philippines Package and second the Index of Letters to the Filipinos.

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