Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte


President Duterte of The Philippines blasphemed the Last Supper in the New Testament, where Jesus shared a meal with the Apostles before His Crucifixion.

“Now tell me if it is a perfect God. I will Kneel down, stretch my hand, and ask for forgiveness. Tell me if it is a very poignant story of the history of mankind or it is really a stupid one,” said the President, himself a Catholic.


In the Philippines, there is a great fight between Good and President Duterte, who is terrorizing Christians. He said to them, particularly the Roman Catholics: “Your God is stupid.” He belittled and placed himself above God.

To all Christians, please pray with perseverance to God our Father for President Duterte and his comrades, so that they may see and accept the Way, the Truth and the Light. Thank you.


I’m interested to learn about The Philippines because the Holy Spirit has asked me to write to the Filipinos for God has designed a supreme role to their nation in The End Times.

President Duterte seems so incoherent in his thoughts including the History of Catholicism.  It is generally agreed among Historians that Christ Himself was an historic being, and your president should know it as he admits to be Catholic.

What fly has touched him?  It is the satanic fly that knows about The Philippines’ supreme  Catholic role in The End Times.  Filipinos, do not let the Catholic posture of your president overwhelm you, because expert assistance is under way.  Christ has already scheduled a private audience with Duterte in The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience.  I’m confident your president “will Kneel down, stretch his hand, and ask for forgiveness.”  Otherwise, Christ will neutralize his presidential influence over God’s Plan for The Philippines.

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