Thirty Sixth Letter to the Filipinos


“I seek that the Land of the Philippines becomes My new Israel for mankind, where the Christian country of the Philippines, will lead the nations of the world,” said the Blessed Mother in the Message to Petrus Romanus, 07-08-18.

This religious nobility requires dissipation of Christian tepidity. Click on the following links to retrieve two articles, first Lukewarm Christians and second Message to the Lukewarm Christians.

Then seek Spiritual Growth, primarily through the sacraments of Penance and Eucharist. There are other avenues to attain Spiritual Growth ― development of virtues ― such as prayer and fasting.

If you don’t participate in Sunday Mass, you may get an immediate spiritual boost with such participation. Otherwise, be baptized in the Holy Spirit through the Charismatic Movement, as the Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier in the Church.  Come Holy Spirit and Surrender to the Holy Spirit are the two most important invocations we can direct to Him.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article The Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier.

I also encourage you to read the Dynamic Catholic Package for an immediate spiritual boost. Click on the following link to retrieve the package.

“So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48), is a spiritual quest from Christ for the continuous attainment of higher levels of spirituality. Heaven has elected the Filipinos to become the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

“You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its taste, with what can it be seasoned? It is no longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.  You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden.  Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket; it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all in the house.  Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father” (Matthew 5:13-16).

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