Fifty Second Letter to the Filipinos


The Holy Spirit ordered me to write to you about the critic moment we are living in the Catholic Church. The crisis is part of The Great Spiritual War in which Satan intends to alienate clergymen to hurt the faithful.  The Church has survived other crises in its history, and it will emerge from the present crisis purified and vibrant.

We should pray for the Remnant Church focusing on loyal Catholic clergymen who have never succumbed to the temptation of pedophilia.  They form the core of the Church and the faithful need their spiritual guidance amid a fierce battle between the powers of light and darkness.  Let’s pray for loyal clergymen to preserve holy amidst satanic ambushes.

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We can perceive the natural realm, but we just have a narrow grasp of the complex spiritual realm.  Humanity is currently surrounded by large hosts of angels and demons contending for the human soul, and we should avoid demons and embrace the angelic assistance to attain salvation.  The Antichrist is about to debut and then Heaven will send The Angel of Peace, an  ENVOY who will be a blessing for the HOLY REMNANT.   This act is the culmination of Divine expression of God for His children.

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