Fifty Sixth Letter to the Filipinos


The following two articles give us a glimpse of apocalyptic America per the great American prophet Mark Taylor.

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Mark Taylor, 09-13-18 recommends avoidance of the Mainstream Media because it is under satanic influence for its ownership belongs to the elites of secretive societies, which promote the agenda of Satan and The Antichrist. We should follow alternative media, such as Mark Taylor’s videos, and surrender to the Holy Spirit to overcome satanic influences and attain salvation.

Mark Taylor, 09-14-18 presents tersely an introduction to the prophet’s ministry. He faced much Suffering before he initiated his ministry.  Does Suffering have any value?  Suffering may develop HUMILITY, primarily the recognition of our dependency on God, and Humility is paramount to work in the vineyard of the Lord!


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  1. NUR RINTU says:

    The article is very instructive.

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