Fifty Eighth Letter to the Filipinos


Excerpt from the article “Locution from Jesus on His Church”


“I am so sad about My Church, particularly the clergymen. The son of Satan will appear soon in the world and in a few years he will sit on the chair of my beloved Peter. I will have to renew My Church to become pure and vibrant again, and meanwhile I encourage My Remnant Church to invoke the Holy Spirit.”

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Jesus gave me the locution on 09-15-18, and one week later He and the Blessed Mother gave a vital prophetic message to Petrus Romanus per the article “Message to Petrus Romanus, 09-22-18”.  The most important paragraphs related to the Philippines are quite pertinent.



“Let the people of the Philippines recognize My Divine Plan for this country, as I am preparing many to accept the role that I have placed upon you [the future Pope Peter II], to guide My children to accept the Mission I have given you.”

Blessed Mother:

“The Philippines must now call on God to bring Our son [the future Pope Peter II] to the Land, in which the final part of the Church will be born, to raise the flag to the New Holy Era. My people of the Philippines must pray for God’s Will to be fulfilled trusting in God’s Glory. The New Vatican will be established in the Philippines where the temperature will be adjusted for The Little Pebble [the future Pope Peter II], so that Jesus’ Kingdom will be fulfilled.”


Click on the following link to retrieve the article Message to Petrus Romanus, 09-22-18.



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