Fifty Ninth Letter to the Filipinos

The article Message to Petrus Romanus, 09-22-18, contains the following excerpts with clearly ominous references to the Antichrist.



“As for the people of the Middle East: Your time is coming. The Antichrist will take the Land that is Mine for a while, so be prepared, for the attacks upon the City of Jerusalem are near. Prepare yourselves, for the end time is near. Soon the Antichrist will appear and all havoc will descend.”


“My beloved son, I have come to assist Our children in the coming days, to help them, to make them strong and to know I, their Mother, am always with them, especially in the last years of their redemption, for it will not be long before the Anti-Pope will fall – and it will not be long before the Antichrist falls to his bitter end.”

“However, My children, the road ahead will be rough as you have never experienced in your lives. It is therefore imperative to take up your Missions in life and get ready for the long battle that will rage, until My Divine Son, Jesus, returns to Earth in His Glory, to take over the Antichrist and close the doors of the Eternal Flame.”


I have introduced The Antichrist to our Filipino brethren in The Ninth Letter to the Filipinos. The Antichrist is a fallen angel, the son of Satan, which has incarnated and will appear soon before Humanity.  His goal is to maximize the number of lost souls; hence, we should pray for the Salvation of Lost Souls.  Immunize against the Antichrist ― I wrote early on ― seek refuge in God!  I have dedicated the Antichrist Package to the purpose.

Click on the following link to retrieve the Antichrist Package.

I give you a word of caution. I receive a message from Christ throw a stigmatic seer when I was writing about Satan and evil in the world.  “Manuel, quit gloom and doom and write about the salvation of souls.”  Therefore, we should pursue Spiritual Growth to avoid sadness, attain personal salvation and minimize the nefarious role of the Antichrist in the world.

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