Seventy First Letter to the Filipinos


Actual grace entails transient divine impulses due to salutary acts, in consideration of Christ’s merits, for union with God and spiritual growth.  The Harvard professor received and cherished actual grace from both Christ and His mother.  She held a fundamental doctrinal dialogue with the professor about the Catholic Faith. Refer to the article Grace for further details.

The Harvard professor is a Jew and I had two Jews who were very beneficial in my life.  I like Jews because they are very bright and knowledgeable to the point I was for several years the Secretary of the Sousa Mendes Society, a cultural organization that promoted friendship between Jews and Portuguese.  Indeed, Jewish blood flows in Azorean hearts, and I was born in Horta, the Azores, Portugal.

I developed  the Hebrews Package as an antidote to the Apostasy Package, and as I developed the former package I sent several articles to a Jewish friend who was interested about knowledge of Catholicism.  He complained that the articles were Anti-Semitic and canceled our Facebook friendship.  I was sad because there is no Anti-Semitism in me.

The Apostasy Package combats rampant Apostasy in the contemporary world where we are the generation of Christ Second Coming.  Click on the following link to retrieve the Apostasy Package.

The theme of the Hebrews Package is the biblical letter to the Hebrews showing the absolute supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ as revealer and as mediator of God’s grace. The prologue presents Christ as God’s full and final revelation, far surpassing the revelation given in the Old Testament. The prophecies and promises of the Old Testament are fulfilled in the “new covenant” or “new testament”, of which Christ is the mediator.  Christ is shown to be superior to the ancient prophets, to angels, to Moses, the mediator of the former covenant, and to Aaron and the priestly succession descended from him.  The readers are told that there can be no turning back to or continuation in the old Jewish system, which has been superseded by the unique priesthood of Christ. God’s people must now look only to him, whose atoning death, resurrection and ascension have opened the way into the true, heavenly sanctuary of God’s presence.

Click on the following link to retrieve the Hebrews Package.

The video shows a Marketing Harvard professor, with degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Harvard University, two of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the world, in search of the meaning and purpose of his life, which he found through superb actual grace.  Watch to his testimony of Catholicism  as The Best Way to Live despite our Church in Crisis.

Click on the following two internet links to retrieve the articles  The Best Way to Live and Church in Crisis.  Christ will intervene to revitalize His Church starting in the Philippines, the future and final center of evangelization prior to Christ’ Return.

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