I admire Liz Crockin






I admire LIZ CROKIN for her courage and thoughtful insights.  She has defied mainstream media to expose the truth and protect children of God who cannot defend themselves.  LIZ has also the ability to penetrate into a situation to apprehend rationally or intuitively underlying motivations.  Her video exposition based on deep insight is also clear, insightful and humane.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is a biblical behavioral commandment.   LIZ covers the extra mile because to fulfill the tenet she is exposing herself to persecution and she herself knows she may have to pay the ultimate sacrifice for her humanistic zeal.

LIZ CROKIN epitomizes the Remnant Army of Christ at its best, which will ultimately defeat all evil and crush all satanic forces at Armageddon to usher a New Heaven and New Earth.  Brethren, we are now amid The Great Spiritual War fought fiercely in the supernatural realm with deep implications in the natural realm.  We, the generation of Christ Second Coming must definitely elect between God and salvation, and Satan and damnation.



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  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Ms. Crokin is an intelligent young woman who does in-depth research to get to the Truth. Her insights allow us to understand what the ulterior motive is behind so many of these schemes. Great video and commentary!

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