Sex Slavery and Sacrifice





Pedophilia is worldwide and trafficked children endure sex slavery for about two years and then they are sacrificed.  Humanity … can we quiesce these Crimes Against Humanity?

We used the vote in America to terminate these crimes and we are currently gaining momentum in our endeavor.  I hope the world emulates America, primarily to dismantle pedophile rings without borders.  Pedophilia has thrived in America because pedophiles have been placed in major positions of power.   Do pedophiles run the world? It is the right time for world populations to use the right of vote to give pedophile world leaders a deserved break, to give unprivileged children a humanitarian break in sex slavery and sacrifice.

Liz Crokin has sounded the alarm at great personal cost including the risk of her ultimate sacrifice.  The alarm should resonate worldwide with people of goodwill to eradicate sex slavery and sacrifice.  Civilized societies should incarcerate perpetrators of sex slavery and sacrifice, because they are expected to remain complacent with such heinous crimes!

Pizzagate is local and Pedogate is global. It represents the tip of a global iceberg of profound criminality against children including Sex Slavery and Sacrifice — a worldwide pedophilia ring.  Pedogate comprises a global crime syndicate exploiting children without confinements in time and space.  Refer to the article Pizzagate and Pedogate.

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