Trump and Human Trafficking






President Donald Trump has recently reiterated he will direct federal agencies to combat Human Trafficking and allied horrific crimes involving human right abuses.  The world has learned that the US President is a doer – it is not just the talk, rather it is the walk.

Many Americans are completely oblivious to GITMO, Military Tribunals, Human Trafficking and an executive order concerning human rights abuses and corruption. Other Americans have heard about the thematic and rejected it vehemently as absolute fake news.

Q Anon, “What’s Q?“, published this article’s video on December 23, 2018.  Liz Crockin, an investigative reporter, initialized the discussion of Human Trafficking, Torture and Murder of Children at Pizzagate.  Refer to the article Pizzagate and Pedogate.

I have penned a series of articles, which start with a video presentation of Liz Cronin, about the Human Trafficking and allied crimes against humanity.  I’ll compile these articles soon under the Liz Crokin Package.  It will include Trump and Human Trafficking.

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