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I was NOT prepared but I feel I have to tell you this prophecy, as the “Kansas” Prep channel covers all  America.   Please watch the full video.  Thank you.




I fully subscribed to the video’s Wisdom.  The narrator discussed division in America across different lines . . . and the root division is Nationalism against Globalism.


Click the following link to retrieve the article “Nationalism against Globalism”.






Many Americans do not know the social and political condition of our nation because they tune to Mainstream Media, which is owned by globalists, and report news and views in a globalist perspective.


Click the following link to retrieve the article Mainstream and Alternative Medias.






Nationalism against Globalism is essentially Christ against Antichrist and Heaven against Hell.


Click the first link below to retrieve the article Heaven or Hell, and the second link for SEEK HEAVEN.








Abortion hurts the mother of the dead infant.


Click on the following link to retrieve the article Abortion is Against Women,





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  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Agree with your comments but disagree with his interpretation. America is NOT coming under judgement! Globalism, corrupt politicians and Churches that have sold out are under judgement. God loves America and American Christians who have stayed true to the Word! Being prepared (prepping) is ALWAYS a smart idea because no one knows what tomorrow brings! And being prepared to meet God every day is wise too!

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