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Jesus Christ, 01.28.2019


Brothers and Sisters:

Our Lord Jesus Christ shares with us the suffering in Heaven before the grave abomination that is abortion, thus the Angels in Heaven express their grief before each abortion performed on Earth.

Brothers and sisters, the issue of abortion is addressed in most countries, and it is the reason for strife and great discussions between those who are in favor of abortion and those who are against it.

For several years now, both our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother have repeatedly referred to abortion expressing the spiritual, moral, social and psychological implications that it brings. In the face of Heaven’s Calls, humanity largely ignores the repercussions that have been pointed out to us and continue to surprise us with a consecutive insistence and actions that on each occasion become more abominable and diabolical.

I cannot look at that from another perspective, but from the edge of the antichrist’s presence on Earth, where he already exercises his control over humanity and over those who live committing acts of repudiation towards God.

Within the context of abortion, we have felt shame this week before the Sacrosanct Trinity, seeing in the mass media the news that the Senate of the State of New York (USA) approved with 38 votes against 24 a “NEW LAW OF ABORTION THAT WILL ALLOW THIS PRACTICE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PREGNANCY AND THAT WILL BE CARRIED OUT NOT ONLY BY PHYSICIANS”.


It is Hell itself that has spilled forth over the Earth, satan himself is spreading the condemnation for humanity and this has had no limits, but with great despotism towards the rest of the world, we have seen men and women, CHILDREN OF GOD, celebrate the death of the innocent ones, which leads me think of the time when the Romans used to take the Christians to the Colosseum to be devoured by wild beasts and when some of these human beings were eaten up, they celebrated it by standing up with joy, applause and shouts.

At the same time, I ask myself: what does it matter that at this instant there exist museums about the holocaust (mass murder of millions of brothers and sisters during the World War II), if as collectively as humanity we are indifferent to all the pain, and apparently, we have not learned anything from that tragic moment.

Brothers and sisters let us reconsider!

Without the need for a declared third world war to invade the headlines of the mass media, for the third world war is already being generated little by little in the world … “there is a permanent war of man against the innocent ones”. (55.7 million abortions a year throughout the world)

We have surpassed the death toll of World War II, It would be better to close the museums that have been created so that humanity does not forget such great suffering, since at this instant part of humanity celebrates killing human beings that live in the maternal womb.

Looking at the suffering of humanity is painful, but let us ask ourselves—what is man doing that attracts so much fatality? Could it be that those who approve these projects and rejoice at the achieved victory have no children, have no mothers who gave birth to them so that today they are rejoicing over these cruel laws? Is this the result of the debauchery that our Lord tells us about, of the suffering He endures continually and of this cry of ABOMINATION being heard upon Earth as well?

It is the madness of the man of the XX and XXI century who does not want childhood, so as to not have responsibilities and who despises the Gift of life that God has given to man: grow and multiply is now a contradiction and it has been changed into: grow and kill.

It is the fury of the antichrist against the children of the Blessed Mother that has seized a large part of humanity and has caused it to become massified on a large scale so that humanity does not think or feel or act. I present the meaning of the word massify: “to become or cause to become, oriented towards mass production, mass consumption, and high throughput rather than individuality.”

It is the law of satan: divide and you will conquer … We know that evil is exercising its power of possession over the human creature who does not wish to belong to the Family of God and evil incites man to pass more diabolical laws against life.

Brothers and sisters, with great sadness in our soul and with a broken heart, we must continue crying out to God and WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH. Awaiting the fulfillment of the Revelations of our Lord Jesus Christ and of our Most Blessed Mother, who have been presenting Themselves to human creatures and who continue to be present on Earth to encourage us to be faithful, to continue in the midst of the currently of what is worldly, to manifest to us Their Love for us and at the same time to call us to be tireless in the task of inviting all human creatures to conversion, with the same Love with which Christ and our Mother do it with all their children. And personally, They have given me the great opportunity of conversion and serving Heaven.

Brothers and sisters: may each instant of our lives not be lost time, but a continuous loving call to our brother or sister to save the soul and a continuous personal reminder so that we do not forget that we are not perfect and as humans we are exposed to temptation and before this we have to remain attentive and alert to continue on the Path to which we are called.

Luz de María


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