The Illumination of Conscience in 2020


What our Father in Heaven will soon do is a magnificent act of mercy prior to His coming as a Judge for all unrepentant sinners. This event that could be named a “mini judgment” will come directly from God and will be experienced by everyone in the entire world. Each one of us will see all of our behavior, not the way we see ourselves, but the way God judges all our actions, including passive desires of our hearts. Our Father in Heaven is not an all powerful and strict judge looking down from His Throne and taking note of our sins and failures to punish us. Our Father is a loving Dad, Abba, who wants the best for each one of His children, and wants to join us with Him in Heaven for all eternity.


The video is outstanding and aligns with the Warning Package the Holy Spirit asked me to write in four languages. The main package articles are the The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience.


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