Biden’s Energy Policy Is Disastrous



Click on the following link to retrieve the article “Ted Cruz Accuses The Biden Administration”.

Ted Cruz Accuses The Biden Administration | Manuel Silveira (


Watch the video above. Congressman Rick Crawford R-AR argues that the Biden energy policy macroeconomic harmful to America.

The recent increase in gasoline price will ripple through the entire economy in transportation costs, transportation-in and shipment. Some industries, such as farming, rely on gasoline.

Heating oil, a derivative of crude oil, increase in price this month, because of frequent blizzards, and the increase in crude oil price.


\Watch the second video. Austin Knudsen, Montana Attorney General declares that President Biden developed his energy policy without considering stakeholders. He wrote to President Biden to come to the table. The Attorney General referred to heating costs in a rigorous winter and crude refined by China and Russia instead of America.

President Biden’s energy policy is nonsensical, the Attorney General concluded.



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