Parting of the Red Sea



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s first message.

(01) Many prophecies are set in stone and will surely happen as in the Book of Revelation.

(02) Trump did truly win the election.

(03) The election was stolen.

(04) America is Mine and the heart of this land will not give up freedom.

(05) Trump coming back in the White House is truth.

(06) Do not let the enemy negate My revelation.


Focus on the fourth to the tenth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s second message.

(01) I looks it is over and Trump is not getting back in [the White House].

(02) My hand is on America and no cheating president to put My word under.

(03) You doubt Heaven and listen to all the lies.

(04) You go no further than the news and it creates the blues.

(05) You are afraid to become AIs because of a shot in the arm . . . who has told you these alarms?

(06) Do not believe such garbage . . .

(07) Where is your faith and trust in My power? Get your eye off the world in this late hour.

(08) Israel and America are sisters in any kind of weather.

(09) You think you will be drawn into camps for your demise.

(10) The crash will happen as judgment for all this insurrection in the White House.

(11) Stop listening to all the deception which makes you fall into fear.

(12) Biden is a liar hooked on the almighty dollar.

(13) Trump will return and will remove all the traps that caught all the rats.

(14) You can count on that.


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