Dawn of World War III



On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down what could be the first major foreign policy test of the Biden administration–the deadly rocket attack that struck a U.S base in northern Iraq on Monday, February 15th. One American service member and several American contractors were injured in the assault and a foreign contractor who had worked closely with U.S. forces was killed. An Iraqi Shia militia calling itself Awliya al-Dam, or “Guardians of Blood,” claimed responsibility but the Iranian regime’s fingerprints were likely all over the attack. The Biden administration has vowed to hold the perpetrators accountable — but will they? Or will Iran win out yet again?


It is the first major foreign policy test of the Biden administration. President Biden may handle it like President Obama, and Iran is betting on that, since Biden was Vice-President in the Obama administration, and both presidents are globalists.

Patriotic Trump would retaliate decisively, because the stakes are paramount since World War III will start in the Middle East with Iran targeting Israel. Trump would definitely protect Israel in a major conflict.

Iran may have not considered Trump will return soon to the White House, as the true winner of a massively fraudulent election, and God’s hand is over Trump, Israel and America.



On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down the Biden administration’s announcement that it will re-start nuclear talks with Iran, alongside Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China. Will the U.S goal of re-entering the disastrous Iran nuclear deal actually make America and the Middle East less–and not more–safe? And will Biden’s appeasement strategy embolden the Iranian regime to step up its sponsorship of terror worldwide while also forcing Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities?


President Biden failed the first major foreign policy test of his administration. He forgot the role of belligerent Persia in Ancient History and the state of current world affairs. President Biden is fading away ungracefully.



We have all heard of the U.S. starting wars on its ‘adversaries’. But did you ever think that America’s ‘allies’ would begin wars solely because the U.S. has incredibly annoyed them? Well, Joe Biden has infuriated Israel, and Tel Aviv has made it clear that it will not shy away from war with Iran to put an end to any Nuclear Deal negotiations.


World War III is in its dawn . . .


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