How Close is The Rapture?



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Do not try to figure out My Plan of Redemption.

(02) The Rapture is not imminent.

(03) My bride is not ready for the Rapture yet.

(04) Most people continue to hold to the world.

(05) It is time to remove evil from the office where evil does not belong [Oval Office].

(06) Focus on building My Kingdom and leading souls to The Truth.


Do not be deceived about the timing of the Rapture, it is Post-Trib(ulation) per the Gospel of Saint Matthew Chapter 24. Some pastors mention Pre-Trib(ulation) or Mid-Trib(ulation) confusing the Rapture with refuge in the Safe Havens. The Rapture will occur during Christ Second Coming.

The immediate apocalyptic milestone is the Warning Process.

Click the following link to retrieve the article “Warning to English Speakers”.

Warning to English Speakers | Manuel Silveira (


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  1. Kat Mitchell says:

    Amen! This is what God has been telling me too!

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