It’s Time . . .



Focus on the first to the fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) My People, it is time, you must open your hearts to My Truth.

(02) Take the step into My Kingdom where the true warfare is going on.

(03) Evil Nephilim are roaming about seeking whom they may devour.

(04) You must first know and stand for the Truth.

(05) If it was possible they would even defeat the elected.

(06) Know My Word and walk away from the world and live in My Kingdom on the Earth.

(07) Living in the world and living in My Kingdom are two different ways of life.

(08) Are you willing to follow Christ?

(09) Time to take a stand and reject all the lies that My enemy throws at you.

(10) Walk with us for we will never forsake you.

(11) Stop being fearful of what you hear, because much is not true.

(12) Hold to reality, not to some conspiracy theory.

(13) Keep your eyes on Christ, not on all sorrows.

(14) There are still many souls to be connected to My Hearth.

(15) It is necessary to reach these lost sheep.


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