‘Church Is in Crisis’ as Suicide Rates Continue to Soar


he video presents BULLYING and BUSINESS PRESSURE as the root causes of soaring suicide rate.

Click on the following links, Bullying and Suicide Awareness, to retrieve articles pertinent to suicidal youngsters. School administrators may play a vital role in bullying prevention, their first step is BULLYING recognition, and school psychologists may assist school administrators in the endeavor.

Social scientists state suicide rates are a barometer of social tension. Simplified lifestyles should reduce business pressure, strengthen the meaning of life, and reduce suicide rates.

Sleep is a stress barometer. When people are facing trauma, I ask them how it is affecting their sleep. Consider a magic bag in your bedroom you deposit your worries before sleeping. When you awake up some worries may have dissipated, others may become manageable, and the magic bag becomes lighter after a good night sleep.

Japan believes Jesus is a western. No, Jesus is universal, He died on a cross to save humanity and sent the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the Earth. The Roman Catholic Church, the remnant of the Church Jesus founded with His apostles, is universal and will undergo a Catholic Church Renewal. The Philippines will become the main center of universal catholic evangelization spreading worldwide and stressing Asia.

We are in The End Times and Jesus will visit every person of reasoning age, regardless of religion, for an invitation to enter into Christ’s Kingdom. The private Illumination of Conscience will occur in Japan, and the Holy Spirit will reform the country’s lifestyle causing a sharp decline in suicide rate.


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