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An abstract of an article from the website of The American Society for the Defense of TRADITION, FAMILY AND PROPERTY

The Cuban people are finally sick and tired of 62 years of Communist oppression. They are rising up and protesting in the streets, facing possible prison and death, begging the free world for help.

Throughout the summer of 2021, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) worked to focus the world’s attention on Cuba. Its petition for Cuba’s freedom grew in intensity in the wake of the protests across Cuba on July 11-12, the most massive unrest in decades. The Cuban government responded by brutally clamping down on its people. The military took over the streets and closed down the Internet that live-streamed the protests. Many protesters were arrested. Cuban organizations estimate that as many as 500-1000 people are still missing while others have been sentenced to prison in sham trials.

One anti-communist Cuban citizen summed up the reason behind the protests. “Our hunger has eaten our fear.” The current unrest offers the best chance in many years to lift the communist yoke from the backs of the Cuban people.

Defeating a Campaign of Silence

In the face of this opportunity, America should act.

However, many people are so overwhelmed by bad news that they prefer not to deal with it at all. These indifferent people aid the leftist campaign of silence that encourages Americans to ignore Cuba’s plight.

Leftists are urgently attempting to cover up news of the unrest. They know that the fall of Cuba’s Communist government would expose the horrid conditions of daily life in Cuba and refute the left’s assertions that socialism is the answer to America’s problems.

People with some goodwill are already familiar with the American embargo, which leftist claim keeps Cuba in poverty and centralist call an ineffective failure. They ask what more can America do to free Cuba from communist tyranny.

Four Specific Actions America Could Take

Live up to condemnation

Cut off any aid to Cuba and prohibit all American tourism

Demand the Cuban government open the Internet and allow freedom to protest

Denounce Cuba on the International Stage


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