Message to the Philippines



I have accompanied the Filipinos through articles at the HOLY SPIRIT‘s request, and would appreciate if you read the article MANUEL about my commitment to the Holy Spirit.

Click the following link to retrieve the article.

“Write to the Filipinos to prepare them for a divine mission to fulfill at the End Times. The Holy Spirit asked me now to inform about launching the mission.

The Prophet Sahdu Selvaraj has recently addressed the Filipinos about their divine mission. Click the links below to retrieve a pertinent sample of his addresses.

Philippines Must Prepare For God’s Visit

God’s Revelation About The Philippines

Prophecy in the Philippines

A Great Plan of God Towards Philippines

Events leading to Christ Second Coming are unfolding rapidly, for example The Antichrist in Rome and the dawn of World War III. The future Pope Peter II will be taken to Heaven soon for orientation about Church leadership before taking his papal seat in Manila, Philippines.

Continue to pursue Spiritual Growth may God bless you.


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