Prevention against Warning Casualties


The Illumination of Conscience will occur for all persons of reasoning age regardless of their religion.

It follows two pertinent excerpts of the article Warning Casualties.

Others will be so sickened and shocked by the way in which their sins will be revealed that they will drop dead before they have a chance to ask for forgiveness.

Jesus is now asking everyone to pray for those souls who will die of shock who may be in mortal sin.  Everyone needs to prepare now.  Jesus asks that all ask for the forgiveness of their sins in advance of The Warning.

The Holy Spirit asked me to write about “Prevention against Warning Casualties” during the private Illumination of Conscience. It is an act of MERCY, second to Jesus’ Death on the Cross to save you.

Ask Jesus to forgive your sins before the Illumination of Conscience and do not let the revelation shock you to death. Other people may have sins more heinous than yours and be saved. Listen humbly and attentively to Jesus’s advice to Be Born Again and meditate on the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

The good thief crucified with Jesus was the first saint and the unique Jesus canonized. Let this saint be your inspiration during the Illumination of Conscience and follow it through your conversion. You are a child of the Almighty Father who does not want to lose you to Satan, the greatest loser humanity has known.


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