Priest Goes Nuclear On Biden In Pro-Life Speech


Reverend William Kosco gave impassioned remarks on abortion and President Joe Biden at

St. Henry Catholic Parish in Buckeye, Arizona.


As a Roman Catholic, I call a homily the Reverend William Kosco’s address. Roman Catholicism is not a cafeteria plan, therefore Pro-Choice Catholics, like Joe Biden, are not bona fide Catholics, and they should examine about what they expect after life. This examination is paramount because we are the generation of Christ Second Coming and apocalyptic events are increasingly unfolding.

Pro-Life Catholics, what do you really desire: God, Good and Heaven or Satan, Evil and Hell? This is a binary decision full of natural and supernatural implications. If you do not decide in real time, an unpleasant decision will be made for you. A decision for God requires commitment whereas Satan will manage you in the absence of commitment.

End Times prophets indicate abortion is pivotal in God’s Chastisement through nature. God can control nature, such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes because He created nature. The prophets claim God’s wrath is increasingly manifested in through nature to purify Humanity and Earth. Rush the Reverse of Roe vs Wade to appease God and diminish catastrophes.

My blog has a Pro-Life Package with many articles. Planned Parenthood discovered the package and a director called me about my commitment to life. “Why do you focus on Planned Parenthood when other organizations also practice abortion?” asked the director. It is because your organization is the abortion leader. The director continued, “you should be quiet and only address the right to life when SCOTUS Will Overturn Roe vs Wade.” No, I replied, because we would have today slavery in America if civil rights activists had not denounced slavery when it was legal.


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