Antichrist Revelation



Our Lord to Enoch

End Times


Beware of false prophets dressed in sheep’s clothing, who go around announcing the coming of the messiah! Remember: I will no longer set foot on this earth, my second coming will be in Glory and Splendor, after the great purification of my Creation and my Creatures; in the new heavens and on the new earth I will dwell with my faithful People. Again I say to you, read my Word in Matthew 24 and meditate on it in your heart, so that no one in this time can deceive you. The messiah that is about to appear and that many are announcing is not I, but the Antichrist. The propaganda of the appearance of the false messiah has already begun; beware of falling into this deception, sheep of my flock; for the media and the disciples of my adversary have already begun to announce his appearance!

Many messages and false prophets speak today of the coming appearance of a messiah, be very careful, because all messages that come from me, must be protected by my Word. My prophets do not seek prominence or recognition from this world; and the most important sign to recognize them is the attack, the persecution and censure, of which they are the object. Remember: the disciple is not above the Master, nor the servant above his Lord. (Matthew 10, 24).


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