God’s Unfathomable Ways



Heavenly Gifts – January 16, 1843

The following was spoken by Jakob Lorber to his mother today at her farewell as a parable, which suddenly came to his mind for her comfort, since she was complaining about many bitter experiences.

1. There once was a man who was made to believe by the many sad and tragic events in this world that God did not care much about people and was quietly watching the weak being oppressed by the powerful and the poor being taken advantage of by the rich.

2. That is when God sent an angel to this man who lived a virtuous life. He said to him: “You shall get to know the incomprehensible ways of God, follow me!”

3. Thereupon the angel led the man into a palace to an exceedingly rich gentleman. The angel gifted him a large sum of money and many precious stones. During this gifting, a beggar approached the rich gentleman. The angel proceeded to kill that poor man. Afterwards, the angel led the man into a village to a ramshackle hut, where a large and extremely poor family lived. The angel set fire to the hut, and the poor inhabitants saved nothing but their lives.

4. When the man saw all this, he said to the angel: “You are not a messenger of God, but a messenger of the devil! You heap iniquity upon iniquity!”

5. The angel spoke: “Listen closely, and you shall soon judge things differently!

– You see, the rich man I gifted was proud and stingy. After I had increased his wealth so significantly, he began to splurge, and he squandered everything. In the end, he became a beggar and began to humble himself.

– The beggar I killed was on a good path, but he would have made a great inheritance that very day, thus becoming arrogant, living dissolutely, and falling away from God altogether.

– The poor family whose hut I set on fire had previously been almost completely ignored by the village. The destruction of their dwelling, however, aroused great compassion near and far, and the poor family received abundant gifts from all sides.


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