Plague in Full Force and Repentance


When this Plague is in full Force, many will want to repent.


February 13, 2020 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began, “My very dear ones, revival is coming to your country, but it will have a high cost. I have wept many a time for those souls who are not ready to come to Me. In short, they are perishing. The complacency of the American people has reached such a degree that I must allow this suffering. Many have not listened, have not repented, have not cared to recognize their serious spiritual state and its eternal consequences. They are relying on My Mercy and goodness to cover their sins.

“This time of relying on My mercy was never meant as an excuse to continue on in sin. It was given along with graces to help many repent and turn to Me for forgiveness. It has been used to prolong sin by those who are not being vigilant over their souls. And now I must take action to bring these souls into alignment with Truth, as their negligence is affecting their children, who they may never see again if they do not repent.

“How I hate to use such strong language and strong measures to turn you from your habitual sins! Yet this comes as a warning to you that you will suffer severe loss for ignoring the time of mercy and repentance. Now I must allow serious loss in the lives of many to save their souls. Will you hearken to Me, dear ones? Will you respond? Or must I allow catastrophes in your lives?

“As it is written, there are those who will be saved, but only as going through the fire. I would prefer not to allow any of My children to be sifted in this way, but that’s not My decision to make. It is your decision. For it is based on your thorough repentance and dedication to what is right and good in My eyes.

“Feed the poor, visit the sick, admonish sinners, pray for those who are hurting, pray much for mercy, for in your hour of need, you too will need Mercy. Seek Me until you find Me. Do not grow lax in prayer. Do not judge one another, rather pray for the souls who are falling short. Be tender and compassionate with them. If there is serious sin, admonish them and encourage them to repent and lean on Me to deliver them from evil.

“When you attack each other with a spirit of rancor, you displease Me very much and open the door to demonic siftings in your own lives. I alone judge the motives and conditions of a soul. Yours is not to criticize and see yourself as righteous while you judge them.

“Rather, I very much approve of the Jesus Prayer, ‘Lord Jesus, have Mercy on me, a sinner.’ This prayer reaches deep down into you, My children, and adjusts your altitude as well as attitude. Yes, it places you in the lowest place, a place where you dare not lift up your head to judge others and certainly not criticize their actions. You have no idea of the struggles those souls are going through as you smugly pinpoint their faults.”

“Be compassionate, My people, as I have been compassionate with you. Don’t you see? You are a wrecking ball in My vineyard when you criticize one another. Do you not know that the victim of this criticism feels it in their heart? Do you not know that they fear to look at Me because of their sin, which has made them a captive? And when you judge them, you put the last nail in the coffin.

“Judgement is DEADLY! Stop judging, start caring, and look in the mirror. Do not be the wicked servant who was forgiven a great debt yet went and beat his servant who owed him only a fraction. Do not do this to yourselves or to others.


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