Focus on the First to the Fifth minutes of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Deception … deception truly is a misconception.

(02) You think you know what the truth is, but you have no factual proof.

(03) And when you do not know My Word you listen to what is absurd.

(04) You follow anyone who open their mouth even though you do find some doubt.

(05) Your soul is looking for satisfaction, you follow any distraction,

(06) And believe it is real you are walking behind the devil’s heel.

(07) He comes as an angel of light to bring you such a fright.

(08) And when you do not know My hearth you just fall apart.

(09) Time to take a stand, know My word of truth, it is your command.

(10) Follow the word that is truth. The results are your proof.

(11) And when you get up and start each day, you will not dismay.

(12) Because you will know I am right by your side, and we cannot be denied.

(13) Live the light of faith, it surely is your God’s given fate.

(14) Do not hesitate, make sure you do not wait, and take your authority.

(15) It must be your priority.

(16) And you will sit back and cry, you will surely sigh.

(17) When you should be shouting the words of victory, because of Christ’s name.

(18) It is what wins each game of life challenges . . . no more damages.

(19) Be happy . . . you belong to Me.

(20) Christ truly has set you all free for all eternity.

(21) His name is the key.

(22) He came to destroy the enemy.


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