So Much Fear



Focus on the First to the Fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) My people, I am so sorry that you have so much fear when you know the power I hold.

(02) Why is it you only dwell on all the negative talk that is going on.

(03) When do you always assume the worst when you are supposed to know how much I love you.

(04) Good times, hard times, they are all My times.

(05) I choose each time for a purpose.

(06) Evil will never have an upper hand on Me.

(07) I created this angel and have the ability to stop him any moment in any place.

(08) You are all been groomed for the groom, so you must be pruned.

(09) Trust Me and do not dismay for evil will not stay.

(10) You want to know what the future holds . . . the dollar bill will be filled with holes.

(11) America will look like she failed, because she ignored Christ’s nails.

(12) From the depth of this land, and this you must understand, there will be a remnant of peace.

(13) And it will increase as the people will see My hand wave across your land.

(14) She will rise from this torment.

(15) You will pick up the pieces from the crash and there will be peace at last.

(16) While Americans come together throughout this stormy weather.

(17) And as they find their way, evil will not come back to stay.

(18) Stop looking at World War III and nuclear destruction. Those are not My instructions.

(19) This is the time of rebuilding and making places to live in harmony.

(20) It is a spiritual anomaly, as evil takes his stand across the land to the side of the world.

(21) Where the Antichrist will move in with his vengeance and mankind will come to repentance.

(22) Pick your places to live. Satan will not take America or countries that stand their ground and do not listen to evil’s sound.

(23) One World Order will not come over our border.

(24) But it is a fight, so do not take it light.

(25) Pray for your country to be free, it does take a bending knee, this will all be part of your history.

(26) Time to walk in Faith, not in fear, that is the enemy’s disgrace.

(27) Everything is falling apart, so you can restart.

(28) Gold will glitter, and silver will shine. They are mine.

(29) Do not look at what you see. It does not please me.

(30) Faith is believing without seeing.

(31) It is time to walk with the King and sing.


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