Irrational Beliefs and Anxiety


How your body and brain react to a challenge or obstacle may generate stress, and under serious stress, you may quickly panic. Violence, rape, abuse, or a major accident generally cause serious stress, but you generally control better your thoughts, emotions and actions after the event.

Your brain and central nervous system generally function very well. You can modify your thinking, emotions and behavior, but you might be convinced you cannot, so you panic and develop unhealthy anxiety.

You want to do well in a task and worry about failing and may feel sick in your stomach. The causes of your anxiety are in your control and can be positively adjusted. Failing and being rejected are not the worst things in the world, because you can learn and try again. You are only deprived of some pleasure. Rational beliefs generally lead to desirable consequences, and irrational beliefs to undesirable consequences, including anxiety. failure and rejection.

The panic created by Irrational Beliefs will harm your intellectual functioning. They will often lead you to desist from your Goal and seek minor goals, or even fail at goals you previously enjoyed. In extreme cases anxiety may cause a mental breakdown or drive you to suicide.

Rational beliefs make you encouraged and enthusiastic to pursue projects and be sensibly concerned about them. It is a form of positive anxiety because it considers failure at a project to be cautious and vigilant about it. Such concern is interesting and enjoyable.

Examine Irrational Beliefs that lead you to anxiety for they are in your control and can be positively adjusted.


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