Russia vs Ukraine War


“Pray, my beloved children, because everything hangs in the balance now. Pray for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, because it is time that the children of the world turn to Mary, Mother of Divine Grace. Pray that Russia listens to the people of God – these people who are suffering now at Ukraine — because this land is Consecrated to the Virgin Mary. Prayer and sacrifices are needed now. I, Saint Joseph, have been sent to the Ukraine Nation to uphold it, to transfer to triumph.”


Agnostics doubt and Atheists negate the existence of God, but such doubt and negation do not validate the inexistence of God.

Saint Joseph was the adoptive father of Christ and has been entrusted with divine protective power for twenty centuries. Russia is a military superpower, which fades away with Saint Joseph’s entrusted power, and he has been sent to the Ukraine Nation to uphold it, to transfer to triumph. Believe it or not!


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