Unconditional Acceptance of Others


Humans are social animals and rarely live alone. Your existence depends on your relationships with others, because it is your biological nature to be part of the human family. You will live much better if you have friendly and loving relationships, you will lead a more interesting, creative, fully, and happier life that will contribute to reduce your anxiety.

It is not always easy to control your anger, because some people often treat you badly, unfriendly, and angrily. You are likely to feel enraged at them and may decide to revenge. You overgeneralize and condemn others when they have acted badly. You make the mistake of condemning the sinner and the sin, and you often get in trouble doing so. Your anger, rage and fury hurt your efficiency and health. Anger stirs your body and can cause a host of psychosomatic problems including high blood pressure, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, muscular ailments and even sabotage your immune system.

Anger often leads to fights, feud, murder, wars and even genocide. The more you express your anger, verbally or physically, the more you tend to elevate it. You may take a passive, nonresistant attitude toward others’ aggression, and they will treat you kindly in return. This approach may stop some people, but others will take advantage of your passivity to abuse you. Your passive and compliant attitude will temporarily suppress your anger, but often makes you angrier.

REBT shows you many cognitive, emotive, and behavioral ways of stopping your anger. The main method of minimizing your rage is to learn and practice the principle of Unconditional Other-Acceptance (UOA). Unconditional Self-Acceptance (USA) consists of fully accepting yourself, while acknowledging and working at changing your flaws, failing, and mistakes. UOA is basically the same concept applied to other people, including persons you dislike and who treat you and perhaps others badly. It means accepting the sinner but not the sin.

UOA does not abolish all anger, fights, murders, feuds, and wars, but helps to solve difficult human problems. UOA and the feelings of forgiveness aid you in acting more sanely and sensibly about almost any unfairness by others.

Your anxiety often includes feelings of inadequacy. Anxiety and anger pertain to a damnation philosophy, because they are generally interconnected, and demean yourself and others.


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