What’s Goin’ On


(01) You have seen evil take over the government and declare abominations

in my sight.

(02) I have no other recourse but to slam America and the world to the ground.

(03) California is in the midst of voting to murder babies that have been born.

(04) Have you ever heard of such atrocity?

(05) I will no longer allow man to take over in such a demonic state with the strongest

and most Christian country exists.

(06) My people did not vote this regime in, and so now I must intervene and allow their

foolish, demonic solutions to collapse it all.

(07) The evil one has his plan and I have my own plan.

(08) Watch and see how it all plays out.

(09) A collapse will be a synapsis and trigger panic on both sides closing the divide.

(10) No one will be thinking along party lines with this divide. because it will be so bad

even evil will be scared.

(11) When the government has no funds, and all is undone, there will be only One, Me,

to set America free.

(12) Many will fall on bended knee, and I will hear your plea.

(13) Collapse will start the synapsis of closing the gap.

(14) Those who hear my heart will thwart and reject what Biden has done.

(15) Democrats and Republicans will become one, and will stop disagreeing for

America needs freeing.

(16) This will begin the turning of the wheel to stop the steal and keep the ball rolling

from what was stolen.

(13) The supply chains are already broken, no more joking, and evil is doping.

(14) He thinks the collapse will create a One World System, but it will have missed it.

(15) For only I know how things will end up and has nothing to do with luck.

(16) The fate of America has always been in my hands, and that is grand.

(17) As you see food lines like the 1920s and there is lack of good and plenty,

you will know evil will go.

(18) Hold on tight during the fight and see America’s true plight.

(19) Weeping will be but for one night, do no fright.

(20) Evil will fly, go to the other side of the world, and continue its agenda through

the Antichrist.

(21) He will make the world surrender.

(22) Evil will never again touch my America, and Israel will be protected

as evil gets rejected.

(23) Take your cash and make it last, hold your silver until it glitters and store up today

for this time of delay, it will come a better day, so do not dismay.

(24) It is all part of my plan to take America out of the sinking sand. It will be grand.

(25) Evil will no longer take the stand.

(26) Bring out the band. Do you understand?


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