The Warning Effects



In this video we share Prophecy on the Warning from Mystic Father Michel Rodrigue.

Father Rodrigue talked about the Warning as also cited in various Marian apparitions in modern times.

He said: “(God the Father) told me that the twenty-first century is His century.”

After the Warning, no one left on Earth will be able to say that God does not exist.

When the Warning comes, everyone will recognize Christ, and they will also recognize His Body, and the body of Christ is the Catholic Church.

They will know that they have to come back to Him in the way that (he) will show them.

Priests will also be there to welcome them.

We will not be there to judge them.

At that point, everyone will want to serve the Lord.

Everyone can come back to the Church, together for this time that was chosen by the Father, himself.

We will be there to serve the Lord.

After the illumination of conscience, (every person on earth will see their sins) humanity will be granted an unparalleled gift: a period of repentance lasting about six and a half weeks when the devil will not have the power to act.

This means all human beings will have their complete free will to make a decision for or against the Lord.

The devil will not bind our will and fight against us.

The first two and a half weeks, in particular, will be extremely important, for the devil will not return at that time, but our habits will, and people will be harder to convert.

And all who have received the desire for him, the sense that they need His salvation, will be marked on their forehead with a luminous cross by their guardian angel.

There will be a miraculous sign given to the world, sometime after the Warning.

It will be in Garabandal, Spain, at the pines where (Mary) first appeared there.

At the same time, it will be seen in Medjugorje, which has also been promised.

The sign will be able to be seen and projected on the television.

This will occur at the beginning of the Tribulation.

So, we are all called to be ready to help our brothers and sisters when this six and half week period comes, ready to guide them to the Church, where they will find their peace of heart, their happiness with the Lord.

We are all called to be disciples of Christ.

You must talk, you must stand, you must advise. Yes.

When the devil returns after six and a half weeks, he will disseminate a message to the world through the media, cell phones, televisions, et cetera.

The message is this: “A collective illusion happened on this date.”

Our scientists have analyzed this and found it occurred at the same time that a solar flare from the sun was released into the universe.

It was so powerful that it affected the minds of the people on Earth, giving everyone a collective illusion.

Let us pray that the Church and all the faithful remain steadfast in light of these temptations.


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