2022 Disaster Prophecies


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The true prophetess Lois Vogel-Sharp used YouTube but was expelled from the platform and transited to Rumble. The exchange is part of The Great Spiritual War, between God and Good and Satan and Evil, occurring in the natural and supernatural war. You are a child of God and an heir of Heaver, but a number for Satan who pursues your eternal damnation in Hell. The Angel Lucifer revolted against God and was expelled as Satan to Hell. He is the biggest loser humanity has known and wants to take you to Hell. Heaven comprises eternal happiness and Hell eternal suffering.

The Almighty Father prophesied for the Year 2022, some prophecies have been already fulfilled and other like the stock market crash and the silver appreciation will occur soon. The Earth Purification has started and will culminate at Christ Second Coming within a decade.

We are the generation of His Coming. Stay vigilant seeking God and Good.


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