Scariest Message From Fatima


In April, Two New Servants Of God Appear After Pope’s Death

Scariest Message From Fatima


The Blessed Mother prophesied in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, but the last secret of Fatima was not revealed by the the Catholic Church, because it was so terrifying. Part of the last secret will be revealed by the Church on April 20, 2023. The next part of the secret must be revealed for the Blessed Mother to announce to humanity her intervention to save souls.

She discussed the pontificates of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, their mutual implications, and Pope Francis as an impostor who will destroy all Christian religions under the program of the New World Order and the Antichrist’s guidance.

Nobody knows who will be the successor of Pope Francis, and two men will fight for the position. The successor will attempt to unite all religions to achieve world peace.


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