Who Loves Christ Will Not Die



Mother of Salvation: My child there will be no death for those who love My Son

Sunday Apr 29, 2012 at 10:00 am

My child, you must never think that because of the loneliness of this special calling that conversion is not taking place.

Your Mission, sanctioned by my Eternal Father, is to spread the Truth of my Son’s Second Coming, to all of God’s children.

It is important that those children, who do not spend time in honor of and devotion to my Son, are told what is to come.

All of God’s children are to be included in all of your prayers, for He, my Father, loves everyone.

Even those who have hardened their hearts towards my Father, and do not want to acknowledge My Son, must be given Eternal Life.

When the Gift of The Warning takes place, many sinners will be enlightened and will turn to My Son, begging for His Mercy.

Only then will humanity want to listen to the important Messages, given by my Son, through you.

When they realize the Truth, that the time for His New Reign is to commence, they will devour His Holy Word.

Many of God’s children are confused about the Existence of Heaven and Earth. Many are too frightened to think of life after death.

My child, there will be no death for those who love my Son.

Instead, they will be taken into the New Era of Peace and the Paradise promised by my Father for all of His children.

You must pray that all of those wandering and lost souls find their way back into the Loving Arms of my precious Son or they will not be fit to enter the Gates of the New Paradise.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation


I copied this article from Kathy Lopez’s website and highlighted two paragraphs.

The Warning Package, including its core articles The Warning and Illumination of Conscience, is paramount to Spiritual Growth. The Illumination of Conscience, God’s Last Act of Mercy, ranks second in Divine Mercy after The Passion of the Christ.

“No death for those who love my Son” may astonish many readers because life on Earth terminates with death. I tell some people “I will not die” and they think I am lunatic. We are the generation of Christ Second Coming and the New Heaven and New Earth. The living found in the Book of Life, in Gods’ Grace, will transit alive and directly to the New Earth and New Millennium.

The Illumination of Conscience includes Christ’s invitation to the New Life and New Millennium. Prepare for the Warning Arrival.


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