Life on Earth is Unlivable


Messages of Our Mother Mary to the World

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Life on this Earth has become unlivable!

“In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit I bless you.

Plot twist!!! Plot twist!!! … Soon everything will be catapulted, the old things will pass, the new ones will enter, Heaven is ready to intervene.

War advances, the wicked want to unleash Hell on earth.

My children, consecrate yourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin. Invoke the help of St. Joseph, never stop pointing your eyes and heart upwards where God will take you into Himself and remodel you in His Image and Likeness.

God’s wrath thunders! This Humanity has been lost in the false lights of the Devil, life on this Earth has become unlivable: human sacrifices of innocent babies, aborted fetuses, continuous martyrdom, a ruin My children, immense pain, …God can no longer bear to see His own children being slaughtered.

Loves of your Father, Sons of the Blessed Sacrament. Trinity, oh you who have chosen the way to Heaven, oh you, Children of Love, behold God acts to embrace you, to bring you the gifts of the Holy Spirit! A new Pentecost will shape you.

Time has passed My children, … it is not finished, … time has passed!!!

Terrible hours will happen!

The sun is at its solar outbursts, the Earth will be hit big time, the world will go dark,… a great blackout will engulf the whole Earth. The heat of the sun will burn everything, you will no longer have fruit from the earth.

Hours of despair will come upon people unaware of Heaven’s calls.

This Humanity does not listen to the appeals that the Lord is giving to the world in recent times! This society is devoid of Sacred Doctrine, it is too far from its Creator God.

Convert or men, convert now! Now!!! There is no more time to lose. … Choose to return to Life, renounce Satan.

Be careful not to make a mistake in your choice, every man’s life is decided here.

Come on, the hour is fulfilled, thunder is to be felt throughout the Universe.

Soon, I will call my Children to my shelters where they will find refreshment.

These appeals are not a game!!! … They are not lies!!!…”


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