Man’s Search for Meaning


The article Dr. Viktor Frankl  (1905 – 1997)   introduces this Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor, and the founder of logotherapy, a form of existential analysis. His logotherapy flagship is Man’s Search for Meaning.

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I have read twice the book Man’s Search for Meaning which has given me a sublime  perspective of Suffering in the natural realm.  In this domain we should avoid distorted thoughts and consider that our thoughts determine our humor.  An “A” student that unfortunately gets a “D” in an exam may have to confront the distorted thought that he has become a mediocre student.  The distorted thought then may cause bad humor on the excellent student.

If we live in the Spirit of God, we can escalate the perspective of Suffering to the supernatural realm.  The Fruits of the Holy Spirit will assist us in the transition of Suffering from the natural realm to the sublime spiritual realm.  Dr. Frankl does not vigorously stress the spiritual realm in his flagship book.

We are the generation of Christ Second Coming, which must endure The Great Tribulation.  Coping with Suffering in the sublime spiritual realm is an invaluable frame of mind to overcome the tribulation to meet Jesus in the clouds.

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