Supreme Court Reconfiguration


The video covers a few topics including the Supreme Court Replacement and the Reverse of Roe vs Wade.  The reversal will occur soon it is not a anymore if but when.

My stepfather, who died this October 6, was an ardent Pro-Life militant, who asked me to assist him when he had to contend with Roe vs Wade.  For example, I accompanied him in the Pro-life Trial.  One day the phone rang to meet him in front of Planned Parenthood at 175 Broad St, Providence, RI 02903.  I went there and as soon as I parked my car a distressed senior citizen rushed to my car and shouted ― “they are killing babies … we have to intervene.”

This occurrence dated about the time David Souter was confirmed to the US Supreme Court.  I immediately thought about George H. W. Bush who had appointed David Souter to the Supreme Court.  He is now a Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.  He was a Republican, who sat on both the Rehnquist and Roberts courts and came to vote reliably with the court’s liberal members during his tenure.  The senior President George Bush and the Associate Justice David Sutter My dashed my hope of a Pro-Life Supreme Court after the President Ronald Reagan’s era.  President Bush had verbally supported an annual Pro-Life Rally marching near the White House towards the US Supreme Court.  Perhaps, nobody should have read his lips …

An abortion prospective entered Planned Parenthood under a hilarious blue cover and the dismay of Pro-Life demonstrators.  I addressed without reply a lady of the blue cover  how will you plea before God when you will die and He will charge you accomplice in the slaughter of His innocent, defenseless children?

A Hispanic lady displayed afterwards a pronounced facial wound after an assault on public ground perpetrated by male of the blue cover.  Pro-Choice violence on the born and the pre-born!  Sir, you could have disgraced your family … go home, and if you are not charged of assault in a court of law, ask God for pardon and do not protect any abortion clinic again, because He will severely chastise you.

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