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If you were Adam or Eve in Eden would you have chosen God or Satan?  Choose God now and Live in the Spirit of God.  Adam and Eve chose Satan because of Pride which had previously led Satan and the fallen angels in sin and consequently caused their expulsion from Heaven.

Click on the following two links to read about PRIDE (1) and Pride versus Arrogance (2).

(1)  https://meditationsoncatholicism.blog/2017/03/01/pride/

(2)  https://meditationsoncatholicism.blog/2017/05/19/pride-versus-arrogance/

HUMILITY is the antidote of PRIDE.

Click on the following two links to read about HUMILITY (1) and Poverty in Spirit (2).

(1)  https://meditationsoncatholicism.blog/2017/02/19/humility/

(2)  https://meditationsoncatholicism.blog/2017/08/26/poverty-in-spirit/

The Almighty God has stated America is in a Coup d’État, and He has chosen President Donald Trump to lead us in this critical hour.

Click on the following two links to read about the article Coup d’État (1) and to Pray for Trump and America (2).

(1)  https://meditationsoncatholicism.blog/2019/01/23/coup-detat/

(2) https://meditationsoncatholicism.blog/2019/01/24/pray-for-trump-and-america/

The economy tumbles, President Trump will revive it after the crash, and gold and silver will become God’s source of money to accomplish His Will on Earth.

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