Renewable Energy in World War III


As Tension Builds Between Israel & Iran, Impact Felt on Northern Border 02/26/21

Focus on the beginning until the fifth minute of the video.


Renewable Energy in World War III is a fallacy.

We are in the Dawn of World War III and Biden’s Energy Plan is Disastrous to national security. The United States fight in World War III using renewable energy, rather we will need huge amounts of gasoline. President Donald Trump foresaw the gasoline need and made America energy independent.

President Joe Biden is vehemently opposing energy independence starting with a radical and extreme executive order to cancel the Keystone Pipeline. Biden is predisposing America to depend our enemies for crude oil supply amid the fierce World War III.

I have realized President Joe Biden’s erosion of cognitive skills . . . can he preside America amid a short but lethal world war? The US Congress can reverse the executive order to save jobs in an upcoming depression and protect our national security. “We The People” deserve a congressional bill for the purpose. Congress, brevity is paramount!


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