Great Mourning Coming to America


URGENT CALL!!! You Will Weep For Your Children

Mary Elisha (a prophetess from Ghana)


I began to ponder about what I had just seen. Before starting the rosary my hand accident swiped my phone to the news and sometimes the Lord does that to get my attention on something that the wants me to see.

I saw a headline of a young 6 yr old who passed away at an amusement park because she wasn’t buckled properly by her mother, and a headline of The state of New York mandating the jab and now especially for school employers.

I began to think of that young girl and her family how broken they must be and all of a sudden had infused knowledge that she was taken now into heaven to escape what is to come and that many children where about to die . . .

I then said to Our Mother of Mercy is what I am sensing true Mother?

Our Mother of Mercy responded, I then saw Her crying… my heart was broken as I too felt the grief.

“Oh there will be so many children my beloved ones, it will be like that of the time of Egypt when the spirit of death was given permission to touch the first born.

Man’s hearts in your nation are still hardened as they continue to walk in their obstinance and the Lord will also use this to wake many up. It is so sad this measure has to be taken.

This is also the Lords mercy to take the children before the worst of things happen to your nation.

There will be mourning in the cities just like in the time of Jerusalem.


Be Born Again America to prevent the fulfilment of this awful prophecy. Immediately, Reverse Roe vs Wade and combat infanticide. The Holy Spirit is telling me these actions will appease the Almighty Father and generate a more humane society.

How sad is for a mother to lose a child! Can our elected senators and representatives in the US Congress help our families? They have families too, don’t they?


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