Blood Moon Eclipse on May 15, 2022


“Eclipses and signs in the sky have been warnings of things to come. On May 15 we have a blood moon eclipse on 2nd Passover and the day after Israel’s birthday. The video narrator believes this is a warning the tribulation is nigh, and Jesus is coming soon.


We will have an eventful May 2022; Christ Second Coming is nigh but is not imminent. The lawlessness restrainer was Saint Joseph, who has discontinued is protection of the church on December 8, 2022.

Famine, the stock market crash and the advance of Russia toward Rome, Italy, are examples of possible events this May.

The Russia vs Ukraine War has been the most mediatic event. Yet, turmoil persists in the Middel East and Israel will capture the media attention soon.

World War III will start in Syria per prophecy, and the Russia vs Ukraine War is just a prologue to the great war. WWIII, Gog Magog and Future of Israel will be in the news, with the defeat of Russia and its allies and the triumph of Israel.


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