Sri Lanka: Power of the Holy Spirit


I was glad when I found and watched this video on YOUTUBE about the Charismatic Movement ― Baptism of the Holy Spirit  ― in action in Sri Lanka.  We are already involved in The Great Spiritual War which will endure till Christ Second Coming.  Therefore, we need endurance to resist evil particularly The Antichrist, who will strive to maximize the perdition of souls.  The Charismatic Movement promoted the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is highly effective to escalate the spiritual threshold of the faithful.  We must attain Spiritual Growth, amidst pervasive growing evil, to yearn for salvation the meaning and purpose of life.

The Holy Spirit commanded me to prepare a package mainly for non-Christians Indians in their land and abroad, and the package also applies to Sri Lankans.  The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience  are nigh and constitute the theme of the Indian Package.  It also includes the Gospel Package according to Mark with video illustrations and commentary.

Christ died on a cross to save all Humanity, regardless of religion.  He is a historical being and Mark’s Gospel is the canonical gospel with the greatest historical value.  The Illumination of Conscience is fundamentally a private audience with Christ who will overview the life of every human being of reasoning age along with him or her and invite the person to participate in the Kingdom of God.  I don’t intend to proselytize with Mark’s Gospel, but rather to give a glimpse of Christ to non-Christians in anticipation of their Illumination of Conscience.

Click on the following link to retrieve the India Package.

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