You’re Not Ready






Are we ready for The Great Spiritual War?  Do we realize the times we are living in?  Did we celebrate Holy Week in adoration of the sacrifice of Jesus for our salvation?

The countdown to Christ Second Coming is on, and we must undergo The Great Tribulation before the rapture by the Bible.

We live in this world, but we are not of this world, so we must detach of this world and live by the Holy Spirit — The Sanctifier — to lead us to the Kingdom of God.  We may seek refuge in sanctuaries for the elect, but we must ensure we are among them. We will depart to Heaven or Hell at Christ Second Coming, so we must seek God now.

We face much deception now.  For example, some people do not pick a ringing phone  unless they are certain about the source of the call.   We feel  the Growing Pains, the days are short, and the signs of the end increase, for example Fire on Notre Dame CathedralSri Lanka Bombings, civil unrest and financial crisis.

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