Catholics Voting Democrat Is Wrong


The video, title ‘You cannot be Catholic & a Democrat. Period,’ caused an undying sensation online.

October 7, 2020

Father James Altman calls out the hypocrisies of Church hierarchy and their destructive leftist politicization of the Catholic Church that has slapped faithful Catholics in the face and led many others astray. Altman also explains the basis of human nature and our purpose in life. Video produced by filmmaker Rebecca Brannon.


I have with 4,000 articles in four languages and a worldwide audience. I cover all my office expenses, have literally rejected any monetary contribution, and allow the free use of any of my articles. The Holy Spirit has communicated with me in plain English, telepathy and Interior Locution to be a Messenger of the Holy Spirit for The End Times.

Yes, you cannot be a Catholic and a Democrat because some of their doctrines, such as the Right to Life, are mutually exclusive. I have defended the Right to Life, such as in my Pro-Life Package, and the political climate is now prone to get Roe vs Wade Overturned. We are confident on the SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing of AMY CONEY BARRETT.

Christ will show to Christians in The Warning and The Illumination of Conscience in 2020 that Catholics Voting Democrat Is Wrong. The Right to Life is not the only item in the agenda of the Republican Party in the upcoming Presidential Election of 2020 in America. The Great Spiritual War is in order, and President Trump is God’s elect. Do you want Satan to govern the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

The Antichrist, Satan Son, is already in the world, will debut with the support of the New World Order after World War III, and we are in the Prologue to World War III.



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  1. paul petit says:

    Thanks for telling it like it is!

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