Why Can’t Man Understand


Satan, the father of lie, deceit and destruction, is brilliantly planting malice in The End Times with the cooperation of demons and the consent of humanity for immediate, temporary gratification in this fleeting world.

Lucifer, the distinct angel of light, gathered 1/3 of all angels and rebelled in Heaven to surmount God. The Archangel Michael with the other angels defeat the rebellious angels, Lucifer became Satan, and God expelled them into Hell.

Satanic lie, deceit and destruction continued when God created Adam and Eve and placed them in Eden.

Satan condemned Adam and Eve and their descendants through Pride. God closed Heaven to humanity who had to work, suffer and die. However, God promised to Adam and Eve Jesus Christ would incarnate to redeem and open Heaven to humanity. We celebrate the Redeemers’ birth at Christmas.

Christ shackled demons through His death on the cross, but they continue to deviate humanity from God and Heaven to Satan and Hell. This battle is fiercer for us, the generation of Christ Second Coming. Demons offer immediate gratification to lead humanity to Satan and Hell, an eternal place of suffering, whereas God’s Church and the communion of angels and Saints assist humanity to reach Heaven, a Kingdom of eternal happiness. We are numbers for Satan, but children for God.

The enemies of the soul are Satan, the flesh and the world, but God can strengthen humanity to overcome them. We should understand . . .


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