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Homem Sedento de Deus

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   Um estranho na casa dos 50 anos subitamente aproximou-se de mim, quando saí do assento para entrar na linha da Comunhão ao fundo da Igreja Dominicana de Santo Pio V, em Providence, RI — em … Continue reading

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Seize God’s Hand

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   We were born to love and to serve the Lord, to increase our spirituality and go to Heaven. Our parents have introduced us to the Faith in Baptism, and we have ratified the Faith in … Continue reading

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______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   The fourth chapter of Pope John Paul II’s apostolic letter SALVIFICI DOLORIS covers Christ’s overcoming suffering through love. I have humbly gathered four key ideas in the chapter: malice of Lucifer, malice of man, suffering … Continue reading

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  The Magi walked, from afar, guided by a star to adore and to offer royal gifts to Baby Jesus. We also have a star to guide us to Heaven, our Faith, which we must continuously nurture, because to lose … Continue reading

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Poor in Spirit

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   “Poor in spirit” is necessary in faith and spirituality, because HUMILITY disposes a Catholic to live the mysteries of the faith and the experiences generally increase spirituality. The Holy Spirit pours His Gifts over the … Continue reading

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Anointing of the Sick

  The sacrament of Anointing of the Sick may contribute to the cure of patients or to prepare them to move from this world to eternal life. The Holy Spirit renews confidence and Faith of the patient in God and … Continue reading

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______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   Grace — actual and sanctifying — is a spontaneous gift of God’s love and mercy to save mankind. Sanctifying grace transforms a sinner into a God’s child, is a permanent part of the soul while … Continue reading

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